• Man Breifcase Polyester A4 size Collection Business Color Black Laptop Notebook

Price: £ 35.00


The classic briefcase made for a business. The interior consists of three separate chambers. It is stiffened and filled lining. In one of the chambers is an organizer for mobile phone, documents and stationery. The second is a special pocket for notebook 'and a special mounting strap with Velcro. The front also inserted a small pocket that can accommodate additional elements. Briefcase has a handle attached to the flap and a long, detachable shoulder strap allows wearing her arm or hand. It has a stable bottom allowing its free orientation. Suitable for offices, business meetings, can accommodate documents files. Ideal for those who appreciate the success of elegance and class.

Height 34
Width 43
Depth 10
For man
Collection Business
Making polyester
Size: A4 and more
Color Black

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