• GERMAN flintlock from the seventeenth century DENIX 1260 MODEL G

Price: £ 50.00


German flintlock from the seventeenth century. Available to all such replica in silver and gold. Heavily encrusted trigger mechanism, barrel at the end of a slightly expanded resulting in shorter range but expand the scope of destruction.
Presented by a remark made in scale 1:1 ie, weight, dimensions, appearance is identical to the original. The difference is that the metal parts are made of soft alloy / zinc + aluminum / key can not be used to recalibrate and shoot. You can pull the trigger mechanism and give so. dry shot.
Material: zinc, aluminum, wood African
Weight: 290g
Size: 36cm.
Color: gold - silver - bronze

Does not shoot any balls etc. Proposed replicas are made of special soft alloy which prevents them recalibration and therefore do not need a permit to have been introduced into commerce.