• BRITISH flintlock from the eighteenth century DENIX MODEL 1196 G

Price: £ 55.00


British replica of gun Klippen of the eighteenth century. Characterized by high accuracy and because its main purpose was to take part in duels. The barrel inlaid in the color of old silver, beautifully decorated castle trigger and stock. The replica is made on a scale 1:1 ie, weight, dimensions, appearance is identical to the original. The difference is that the metal parts are made of soft alloy / zinc + aluminum / key can not be used to recalibrate and shoot. You can pull the trigger mechanism and give so. dry shot

Material: zinc, aluminum, wood African
Weight: 570 g
Size: 37 cm
Color: old silver with bronze
Does not shoot any balls etc. Proposed replicas are made of special soft alloy which prevents them recalibration and therefore do not need a permit to have been introduced into commerce.