Price: £ 65.00


Presented replica is a successful attempt at mapping the war ax. Amazing blade, robust design. Wooden handle adorned with a braided strap and finished the tip of the metal.
Material: metal, wood
Size: 84 cm
Weight: 2,470 g
Color: old silver, bronze
The replica is not sharpened and is not suitable for sharpening. Offered by our company is a range of decorative and do not have the characteristics of performance in accordance with the Law on weapons and ammunition. Our products are not weapons or imitations of modifications and, as may be purchased without permits.
The ax is the oldest, complex tool still used. It was invented before 12,000 BC. It is a development of the idea of ​​a loaded end of the stick, which gave rise to such inventions as mace, hammer, hoe like. It changed the material and application, but the principle remains unchanged. Originally performed with a stone and horn, bronze and steel. It comes in various forms, eg. As a heavy, two-handed ax, or light ax knight, as heavy, with short spar poleaxe, or in the form of sticks.
It is a symbol executioner, and occurs in multiple coats. As a tool was used to decapitate the kata - a cutting head. He later replaced by guillotine.