• SWORD Mason eighteenth century DENIX MODEL 4119

Price: £ 85.00


Mason faithful replica of the sword of the eighteenth century. An indispensable element of design for a fan of those times. The scabbard is covered with high-quality imitation leather. Metal handle with precise ornaments of a visible sign of the Masons.

Material: metal, imitation leather
Size: 88 cm
Weight: 1330 g
Color: gold - blue

The replica is made of high carbon steel-blown, or hollow, not suitable for sharpening, having merely decorative. It does not have any firearm that is absolutely not subject to the Act on weapons and ammunition. Our products are not weapons or imitations of modifications and, as may be purchased without permits.

Freemasonry, otherwise the Freemasons or the royal art - an international movement aimed at spiritual betterment of the individual and the brotherhood of people of different religions, nationalities and beliefs. This movement is characterized by the existence of triangles Masonic, Masonic lodges, obedience and extensive symbolism and rituals. Freemasonry is also a team of fraternities of an elite and discrete.
The sword is the oldest historical bladed. The first swords came from China and Egypt, the Bronze Age. Their greatest development in Europe falls on the Middle Ages, when he became a symbol of the knighthood. Created the cult of the sword - with a weapon of war has also become sacred. They will pledge allegiance to the sword and the composition of knightly oath. Sword bless going to war, they poured water over him when entering the room and scabbard hung around his neck defeat as a sign of condemnation.