• REPLICA SWORD OF RUSSIAN Peter the Great from the eighteenth century DENIX MODEL 4122 L

Price: £ 95.00


A faithful replica of a sword coming from the eighteenth century.
The scabbard is covered with imitation leather in burgundy and metal fittings coated with spectacular decorations. The handle is made of metal (Zamac) combined with imitation ivory. Finely crafted details reflect the spirit of the age. Perfect for any enthusiast times of Tsarist Russia.
Color: burgundy - silver
Material: metal, imitation leather and ivory
Dimensions: 90 cm
Weight: 1760 g
The replica is not sharpened and is not suitable for sharpening. Offered by our company is a range of decorative and do not have the characteristics of performance in accordance with the Law on weapons and ammunition. Our products are not weapons or imitations of modifications and, as may be purchased without permits.
Peter the Great was the son of Alekseivitch Russian Tsar Alexei, he was born in 1672 in Moscow. He was the only son of Tsar Alexei and his second wife, Natalia Naryshkin. Peter was only four years when his father died. Most of the time Peter spent in the countryside outside Moscow lifeguard, where with their peers has created two regiments, which supported him in 1689 during an anti-Sophia, which were removed from power and imprisoned in a monastery.
In the years 1697-1698 Peter made the long trip to Europe, which had a decisive impact on next years of his reign. It was called. "Great message" to European countries. During the trip Peter worked in a shipyard in the Netherlands East India Company, the Royal Navy docks in England, studied artillery in Prussia, visited factories, schools, museums and arsenals, and also participated in the meeting of parliament in England. In so far as possible learned Western culture, science, industry and management methods.
In 1698 Peter returned to Russia and began to implement extensive reforms to modernize and Europeanized state.