Price: £ 120.00


A perfect replica of the sword, an essential element of design for lovers of ancient Rome.
The scabbard is covered with high-quality imitation leather. Handle metal / wood. The blade with a characteristic notch. All the details are made with great precision.

Material: metal, wood
Weight: 1985 g
Size: 73 cm
Colour: Gold - brown

The replica is made of high carbon steel-blown, or hollow, not suitable for sharpening, having merely decorative. It does not have any firearm that is absolutely not subject to the Act on weapons and ammunition. Our products are not weapons or imitations of modifications and, as may be purchased without permits.

Gladiator - the most common slave ongoing fighting in the arena, for example, in ancient Rome. The custom of gladiatorial Romans took from the Etruscans and Samnites. In Etruria, in addition to fighting between fighters were popular gladiatorial combat with animals and animal fighting. In Rome, the first gladiator fights (munus) took place in the third century BC, during the Punic Wars. In 105 BC They held the first gladiatorial contest, organized from office by the consuls. Gladiators usually recruited from prisoners of war, mostly from the Thracians, Gauls and Germans, but schools also were sent criminals. Gladiatorial combat was one of the most popular pastimes Rome. Many wealthy Romans had its gladiators and paid a fortune for their training.

This sword blade weapons, characterized by a simple hilt, usually double-edged and open the handle. Depending on the type, the sword was kept in one hand (most of swords) or with two hands.