Price: £ 105.00


A replica of the sword of the Knights Templar, which dates from the twelfth century, and was obviously used during the Crusades. It should pay special attention to the unique shape of the handle, and a black sheath, which is covered with interesting imitation of the skin. The blade is a special antiqued, so you can feel the atmosphere of those events. Every detail has been in this model perfectly mapped. But not suitable for use, so we need not fear that the police would be interested in us. We do not break any provision of the Act on arms and ammunition. Its main aim is to enjoy the eye. The sword can be safely bought without permission.
Holding hands this unique cues, we can imagine that we keep a weapon of war order, which had a very strong position both in the Church and society as a whole. In addition to the sword, the Templars were equipped with shield, copy and dagger. They took care to society is constantly recurred to live in harmony with religion, but tried to unite the people by force.

Material: metal, imitation leather
Size: 110 cm
Weight: 2370 g
Color: old silver - black

The replica is made of high carbon steel-blown, or hollow, not suitable for sharpening, having merely decorative. It does not have any firearm that is absolutely not subject to the Act on weapons and ammunition. Our products are not weapons or imitations of modifications and, as may be purchased without permits.

This sword blade weapons, characterized by a simple hilt, usually double-edged and open the handle. Depending on the type, the sword was kept in one hand (most of swords) or with two hands.