• ROMAN dagger, DAGA Julius Caesar century BC DENIX MODEL 4101 NQ

Price: £ 65.00


This model is an exact replica of a Roman dagger Julius Caesar from the first century BC. The blade is made from steel coated with chromium. The material forming the metal alloy is a whole: zinc and aluminum.
Handle and beautifully inlaid with beautiful details scabbard with brass fittings.
Material: metal
Weight: 1030 g
Size: 40 cm
Color: silver - gold
The replica is made of high carbon steel-blown, or hollow, not suitable for sharpening, having merely decorative. It does not have any firearm that is absolutely not subject to the Act on weapons and ammunition. Our products are not weapons or imitations of modifications and, as may be purchased without permits.

Dagger (Italian stiletto) is a type of short, stabbing melee weapons, used in combat. The shorter the blades (about 20 cm). Sometimes richly decorated hilt. One-handed weapon mainly used for stabbing and cutting. Daggers were used as melee weapons when you lose the primary. Daga is the name of a favorite by King Richard the Lionheart.
Sword is a white, double-edged weapon as a ceremonial dagger.