• Traditional Design Pocket Brunton brass compass in box with rosewood

Price: £ 33.00


Brunton compass in a box with rosewood. Product code N-20 Name of the compass named after the inventor of this extremely precise compass - David W. Brunton, who patented his device unit in 1894.

Brunton compass is used in geology, archeology, various works of surveyors, and even in the army. In addition to the normal compass so you'll find here. inclinometer swinging the vial or bubble level allows to make precise measurements of angles.

In our version, we offer a compass in a brass housing with a sign sine value in the box with rosewood 3.74'' x 3.74'' x 2,75''. Rugged, beautiful thing, not only for specialists.

Height 3.74''
Width 3.74''
Depth 2,75''