• Brass sextant box with rosewood NI173A

Price: £ 47.00


Sextant to simplify the marine GPS from nineteenth century. Which allows you to specify the position of the sea in the accuracy of approx. One nautical mile. I think that in fact it was a few miles away. The name comes from sixth - 1/6 circle.

In principle, sextant is a precision protractor with fine pitch. Moreover, the device is equipped with a telescopic viewfinder, the movable arm of the still-mounted mirror, mirror moving and set filters. The sailor still need a system of special boards, which helped him identify the position. Sextant dimensions: 4,72'' x 4,33''; box 5.31'' x 5.31''. Great gift for lovers of sailing.

Height 4,72''
Width 4,33''