• Replica RIFLE M1A1 paratroopers, USA 1941 DENIX MODEL 1131 C

Price: £ 120.00


A faithful replica of paratroopers M1A1 rifle with a folding stock and adjustable shoulder strap made in accordance with the original, the USA 1941. Detailed refined details. It has a removable magazine, you can reload and give so. dry shot.

Material: metal, wood
Size: 90 cm
Weight: 2302 g
Color: black - brown

Does not shoot any balls etc. Proposed replicas are made of special soft alloy which prevents them recalibration and therefore do not need a permit to have been introduced into commerce.

American semiautomatic rifle from World War II. M1 Carbine was intended to be a weapon branches of socket, the crews of armored vehicles, junior officers. However, its portability made at the end of the war he was armed with nearly 40% of American soldiers. Especially fighting where long and heavy gun M1 Garand too embarrassed movements. After the war carbine M1 remained armed until the end of the 60s after the war also listed fuse. The scale of production was so high that by the end of the war produced more than 6 000 000 units M1 carbine.

Caliber: 7.62 mm cartridge 30, the magazine 15 or 30 rounds.
Length: 645 mm with butt folded, length. Barrel: 458 mm
Weight: 2.36 kg
Projectile initial velocity of 600 m / sec, practical speed of 45 shots

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