• GERMAN MP 41 machine gun DENIX 1940 MODEL 1124 C

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A faithful replica of a German machine gun MP 41 in the 1940s used during World War II with an adjustable shoulder strap - leather made in accordance with the original. Made with ZnAl, zinc and aluminum alloy, combined with good quality wood. It is possible overcharging and dedication of dry shoot, removable magazine.

Material: metal, wood
Size: 86 cm
Weight: 3235 g
Color: black - brown

Does not shoot any balls etc. Proposed replicas are made of special soft alloy which prevents them recalibration and therefore do not need a permit to have been introduced into commerce.

MP41 German submachine gun is designed by Hugo Schmeisser on behalf of the company Haenel.
In 1941 he started his production. The first buyer was the Romanian army. Building on the up after the outbreak of World War II Wehrmacht but he needed a large supply of machine guns and as a result most of the manufactured sub-machine guns MP 41 was taken over by the German armed forces. Production was completed in 1942. 

MP 41 submachine gun was a personal weapon of self-acting. Automatic machine gun MP 41 is based on the principle of free bolt recoil. Locking is carried out mass free bolt, supported a return spring. Shooting from the lock open fire single or bursts. Switch the type of fire in the form of a pin on the trigger. Power from a box magazine capacity of 32 rounds, arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Sights consist of midges in the enclosure and target metastatic, dating a two-step: constant - for a distance of 100 m deflected for a distance of 200 m. The barrel screwed into the chamber castle completed the foundation fly. Bed and fixed wooden butt.
Caliber 9 mm cartridge 9 x 19 mm Parabellum, the magazine: boxed 30 rounds, dimension: length. 864 mm length. Barrels: 251 mm Weight: 3.7 kg. Projectile initial velocity of 390 m / s, reach: 200

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