• RIFLE PPSH-41, the Soviet Union DENIX 1941 MODEL 1301

Price: £ 160.00


A faithful replica of a Soviet machine gun submachine-41 1941, commonly referred to as pepesha or Pepeszka.
The original designed by Georgey Shpagin and introduced in 1941 for the armament of the Red Army during World War II. To the Polish Army it was not introduced until 1943.

Moving parts, beautiful wood, metal. Precise execution. Size and weight are the same as in the original.

material: metal, wood
Weight: 3630 g
Size: 85 cm
Color: black - brown

Does not shoot any balls etc. Proposed replicas are made of special soft alloy which prevents them recalibration and therefore do not need a permit to have been introduced into commerce.

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