• Wahl Undercover Rake - Curry

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I recommend for medium to long hair.

  • Removes Dead hair and allows combed hair.
  • Secure For everyday use
  • Cushioned and non-slip grip
  • Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 2 cm

WAHL Curry

Hair care in dogs with medium to long hair should be carried out, in addition to the brush, also with a comb. In particular, the hair behind the ears, tail, under the belly and hind legs. Typically, less frequent combing begins crest, and then depending on the type of hair ends crest of medium density or dense.

It is important to not cause the animal pain during nursing, so if in doubt, use the rake or comb with rare teeth, which can be freely moved by her hair.

Remember to comb your pet when his hair will be dry, since wet hair tend to break up.

Combing the dog is very important, it is advisable to comb or brush his hair once a week, as it contributes not only to the beautiful and shiny hair, but also stimulates blood circulation to the skin. Additionally, brushing your pet you can be seen wounds, ticks and other parasites.

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