• BREATHALYZER DIGNITY + 5 mouthpieces

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BREATHALYZER DIGNITY + 110 mouthpieces

Professional Breathalyzer dignity which has a very high accuracy

Precise measurement of resolution 0.000 4.000 0.001 ÷ ‰,


Measuring cell of the new generation: enhanced next-generation measuring cell, resistant to high concentrations of alcohol, can extend the time between calibrations, so in comparison with other analyzers, DIGNITY breathalyzer has a low cost of ownership
    EVT ™ system, and DECT ™: thanks to the innovative technology of the collection and processing of the sample air (EVT ™) and the impact of electronic compensation system to measure environmental conditions (DECT ™) DIGNITY breathalyzer provides highly accurate and reproducible results
    The special design of the measuring chamber protects the sensor from damage due to administration of contaminated saliva samples of air or substances stałymi.a
    Excellent linearity of the sensor guarantees accurate results especially for low concentrations of alcohol
    Automatic cleaning of the measuring chamber with vapors of alcohol after each measurement
    Display resolution up to three decimal places (thousandths of)
    Low cost of ownership, by extending the time between calibrations
    Blowing intensity resistance and high doses of alcohol
    Memory 64 last measurements: in memory automatically saves the last 64 measurements indicate
    Total count of measurements
    Selectable measuring units: the user can set the units of measurement (‰,% BAC, mg / l, g / l) in which the measurement result will be displayed
    Adjustable alarm threshold: the user can set in increments of 0.2 - 1.0 ‰ alarm threshold and the Sound Off
    Optical and acoustic alarm threshold: the user is able to set off a sound alarm
    Indication of incorrect attempts / damage sensor: for poorly conducted trial or malfunction such as damage / recalibrate the sensor, the corresponding information is displayed on the backlit LCD panel
    Automatic cut-off: the device will turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity
    Built-in thermometer for temperature monitoring device
    High quality, small size and weight

110 mouthpieces



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