• Camera IP model: NIP-026O7X

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 Let us introduce you a rotating camera by reputable brand Dignity.

product code: 5901801520948

       This camera is designed for use in households and small or medium-sized enterprises. Suitable for indoor surveillance and beyond. The camera uses a new generation of high-class megapixel CMOS sensor by which the image transmitted by the network has the highest quality.

- Recording resolution 1280x720

- Waterproof

- IR LEDs (night mode)

- The Pan Tilt Zoom

- WiFi connection with a range of 50 m

- Night Range - 20m

- Motion Detector

- Changing into vertical and horizontal positions

- Automatic alert notification

- Works with mobile device

- Remote camera control




Camera IP model: NIP-026O7X


Day / night function and integrated IR illuminator guarantee optimal performance even in the complete lack of light, up to 20 METERS !!! During the day the camera works in color mode with a sensitivity of 0.5 lux, while in the night it automatically switches to IR illuminator and the camera switches to black and white mode, cutting off mechanical IR, so the picture is much better.


    The camera includes two-way audio system by which you are able not only to       see what is happening at the point of placement but also hear everything and       provide information to the person in front of the camera!!!

 The only condition is to have any access to the Internet at the place of            camera installation, the camera does not require a public IP address -              online preview is also possible in the case of using the 3G Internet without      a public IP or free Aero2 at the camera location.

From the phone tablet, etc. is required any access to the Internet - it can        be     a home WiFi as well as 3G or EDGE in the field.



The enclosed application allows full management of the camera, preview in many resolutions and ability to work with multiple cameras. Saving of the camera preview can be helpful in many situations.


The camera can be controlled by using P2P software which is supplied in the kit. This software allows you rotate and zoom it freely, while keeping the image in real time.


P2P - enables us to connect to the camera on a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone or laptop. You should have software such as Windows 7, Android, Apple on your devices, without which connection is impossible.

The equipment has a motion detector with the notification system. When around the camera motion is detected, the device that is connected to the network receives a message from the camera.


After the purchase of the camera you will get a lot of features in order to feel a safet, wherever you are. The set includes software with which it is possible to observe the real-time image from the camera. To make it possible it is enough to have an Internet connection on your computer or mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets). This product is equipped with an antenna for wireless Internet connection using Wi-Fi to 50 meters from the relay device (router).




- Camera installation in 60 seconds

- It works on a browser

- Setting alarms e-mail, WiFi

- It works on a web browser (Windows Explorer 11)

- Software for performing IP address of the camera

- Software for monitoring for PC included on the CD.

- E-mail notification and fast information with pictures when motion is detected. 

- Settings alarm / motion sensitivity settings and graphical schedule.

- It works on WiFi

- Panel which adds cameras into the application. Also it has a possibility to overview 64 cameras

- Image preview on the smartphone (Android, Iphone, Ipad)

- Installation of an application on Android

- Adding a camera via WiFi

- Adding of the camera on your smartphone with android system.

- Detect the camera via WiFi



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